Thursday, May 15, 2008

ROI Consulting- Training, Development, & Coaching for Today's Business!

At ROI Consulting, we work with firms interested in maximizing value through people, processes, and performance. Our consulting specialties lie in 3 areas:

1) Talent Development - Providing training, coaching, and program administration to improve motivation, performance, and retention of high caliber talent within companies

2) Strategic Growth Planning- Assisting small and mid-sized organizations in the development, implementation, and achievement of corporate objectives through corporate, competitive, and business strategies; streamlining processes and building upon core competencies to position the firm for new and increased levels of competitive advantage

3) Wellness Programs- Providing program development, training, and implementation to firms looking to maximize productivity and performance through organizational stress management, family/work life balance, and overall physical health for all employees. This encompasses federal and state adherence to OSHA, FMLA, and EAP programming. The goal is to reduce company cost, improve quality of work life, and increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

We provide personal service, results driven program development, and assessment from beginning to end. If you're looking to get an ROI in your firm, begin with ROI Consulting. Email for a FREE consultation today!

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